Lunch & Learn Series

Interactive Corporate Workshops to Boost Brain Health & Productivity

ViVace offer a series of exciting Lunch & Learn Workshops

Our primary concern through our workshops is the health of your brain. These evidence based nutrition and lifestyle sessions can be offered as a once off or collectively to form a more cohesive wellbeing approach.

Topics Include

Metabolic Age
What’s in a Number?

Beat the
3pm Slump

Fuel your Brain,
Fuel your Body

Vitamin D
The Mood Regulator

The Gut
The Key to Mental Wellbeing

Exercise for
Wellbeing & Productivity Gain

Stress Management
through Nutrition & Lifestyle

Optimise Sleep for
Energy, Clarity & Concentration

Neuroplasticity for
Optimal Performance

Tox Living


Building your
Self-Care Toolkit

Why Host a Session?

  • To get your company started on the journey to better brain health
  • To boost productivity & overall morale
  • To support your staff in learning how food can fuel the brain
  • To understand the link between food & mood
  • To generate a can-do mentality
  • To enhance the mental wellbeing of staff
  • To implement a manageable step by step approach to wellbeing


We work with a range of labs to test specific biomarkers identified in research to support healthy brain function.

Functional Lab Tests can be added to our Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn Series so that participants have a more accurate scientific view of their biochemical makeup and can make changes accordingly.

The great news is the brain is extremely adaptive and responsive to recovery. The quicker you start, the better!


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7 Steps to a Better Brain

The 21st century diet and lifestyle can take its toll on our brain health. The great news is the brain is extremely adaptive and responsive to recovery.